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FEX2+C+U=CCM (Formal Education/Field Experience+Capability+Understanding =Certified CM)

Paul Oberhaus, Vice President, CPMI recently achieved certification through the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). The Certified Construction Manager (CCM) distinction is a sure sign that an individual has both the technical knowledge and the proven practical experience to guide their projects to success. Administered by The Construction Manager...
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Phased Preservation & Adaptation

Location: Moorhead, MN Contact: Brenda Norris By incorporating sustainable building materials, enhanced energy-efficient natural and artificial lighting, and attractive finishes, Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) has transformed the interior of Lommen Hall into a unique new venue for service and education while maintaining the timelessness of the building’s original design....
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FAIA Honor Bestowed

Location: Minnesota Contact: Christine Giberson Larry Gleason, CPMI Vice President, has recently been named the honor of fellowship by the 2011 Jury of Fellows from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He was nominated for elevation to fellowship by AIA Minnesota. Out of a membership of over 80,000, there are...
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If Buildings Could Talk... 95 Year-Old Time Capsule Discovered

Location: Moorhead, MN Brenda Norris discovered that an old building, touched by new construction, can yield an interesting slice of history. Brenda is CPMI’s project manager for Lommen Hall Renovation at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM). In the photo, Brenda is standing between President Edna Szymanski and Daniel Kirk, Vice...
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New Project - GSA Office Building

Location: Minneapolis, MN Contact: Joe Gerleman CPMI has been selected by the GSA as the Construction Manager as an Agent for the Minneapolis Prospective Office Building (MPOB). The project is a five-story office building with an enclosed garage and a one-story annex for automotive repairs and other maintenance. The complex...
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School Daze

Location: Madison, NE Contact: David Deemer, Denise Pilcher How do you maintain elementary school class schedules and operations while undergoing construction that affects the entire facility – without alternate space options? Madison Elementary School in Nebraska needed mechanical, electrical and fire protection upgrades throughout their spaces as well as new...
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New Project - Higher Education

Location: St. Cloud, MN Contact: Larry Gleason, John Stelten St. Cloud State University has selected CPMI to be their Owner Representative on the Brown Hall Project. John Stelten is the Senior Project Manager for CPMI. Rafferty, Rafferty, Tollefson & Lindeke are the Architect for the renovation project which is just...
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Como Zoo Polar Bear Odyssey

Location: Saint Paul, MN Contact: Paul Oberhaus CPMI is helping the Como Zoo as it embarks on its very own arctic adventure by serving as the CM for Polar Bear Odyssey - a new polar bear habitat. Polar Bear Odyssey will place bears in a natural immersive environment that offers...
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