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April 20, 2012

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Location: St. Paul - Como Zoo & Conservatory
Contact: Jill Wicker

You've heard of the Monkey Wrench - now the Orangutans have developed the "O" Wrench.  According to Jill Wicker, CPMI's project manager at the Gorilla Forest project: "The orangutans have been perched on the posts in their outdoor exhibit and observing the gorilla construction for some time. Apparently they watched too closely, because Amanda (the orangutan) worked one of the eyebolts loose in her exhibit and was using it as a wrench to take apart her platform this morning."

CPMI is the Agency Construction Manager for preconstruction and construction phases. We provide cost and schedule control and manage activities of multiple prime contractors. We ensure that neither Amanda nor other Zoo and Conservatory scheduled events are disturbed or disrupted due to construction.

The Gorilla Forest habitat includes the construction of a major outdoor exhibit for the gorillas where they can play, climb, forage and display their extraordinary family and social dynamics to the public in landscape immersive natural habitats. The larger space of 10,000 square feet is approximately two and half times larger the current outdoor space and the smaller space of 2,000 square feet will be used for mothers with babies.

The improvements to the existing Gorilla Exhibit will provide a significant increase to quality as well as the quantity of space available for gorilla holding, husbandry, and exhibition at Como Zoo. A new gorilla holding building will provide space for five, natural light filled, two story spaces for the animals with view windows and perches so the gorillas can see out. The re-glazing of existing skylights will increase natural light (as well as UV light) in the indoor habitat. Improvements to existing rockwork and trees will proved more horizontal space for gorillas and planned family groups.

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